Sunday 28 April 2013

Healthy Me & Healthy US - May 2013 Edition

Hello Friends,

Thanks to Priya, I will be hosting the "MAY 2013 Edition" of Healthy Me & Healthy US event from the 1st May 2013. 

As parents we all strive for
Healthy and happy families. It is our responsibility to teach our children healthy eating habits and the best way to teach children anything is by example. Healthy eating is not just for those who are interested in losing/gaining weight, but, also for those who want to maintain their current weight. Also, the best way to lose weight and keep it off is through healthy-balanced diet. Healthy food does not necessarily mean unappetizing or tasteless food. Healthy food can be totally scrumptious and taste delicious that the whole family can enjoy together. I find these Healthy eating events are a great way to share and find a wide variety of healthy and tasty food ideas and recipes. So I am very excited to take part by hosting this month's event.

According to the Department of Health, when it comes to a healthy diet, balance in all food groups is the key to getting it right. This means eating a wide variety of foods in the right proportions, and consuming the right amount of food and drink to achieve and maintain a healthy body weight. Here is a fantastic visual of  what our plates should look like overall (not necessarily at every meal though)*. For more info look here

Now, let us get to the details of the event. Here are the rules of the event straight from Priya's blog:
  1. You have to cook a dish out of “unprocessed” and “unenhanced” foods ONLY. If you have made something and have doubts on whether or not it qualifies, feel free to let me know by email to
  2. Any course of the meal is allowed, even beverages.
  3. Eggs are allowed, while, Meat/Seafood/Fishes are not allowed. Priya is trying to promote vegetarianism. So this is one of her rules for this event.
  4. Using pre-packaged foods are not allowed.
  5. Using artificial flavors are not allowed.
  6. Using pre-processed foods are not allowed.
  7. Nut & Seed Oils are allowed but in moderation.
  8. Paneer & Tofu are allowed, as they not exactly processed, but cooked to make it the way they are.
  9. Stone Ground or Mill Ground (Uncontaminated) flours are allowed.
  10. Keep deep frying to minimum.
  11. You have to do a small write up on the nutritional benefits of your dish and if possible (recommended) how many servings it gives and what is the calorie per serving (approximate).
  12. Provide some substitutes for certain ingredients, if you think they are not easily available. Vegan substitutes will be highly appreciated.
  13. Archived posts will be allowed, if it follows all the above rules and if it is updated with this event details.
  14. Link your post back to this announcement and refer to Priya's website and help us promote healthy eating habits! Just add, "Sending this to Priya's May 2013 edition of Healthy me and Healthy Us event hosted by Jayanthi" to your post. This will help spread the word about this event. Including the event logo will be greatly appreciated.
  15. The Event is open till 31st May 2013.
Finally, after you have posted your entry, please send me a link with the subject “Healthy Me & Healthy US” and send your name, blog name & link, dish name, dish post link, course of the meal and a picture of your dish to If you are a Non-Blogger, please send me all the details (preferably in MS Word) and I will post it on behalf of you.

Note: *Children younger than 2 years have different nutritional needs than children 2 years and older and adults. So please keep this in mind when preparing food for them.


  1. Hi Jayanthi, sorry dear, couldn't post before. Thanks for this announcement.

  2. Hey, i have linked 3 posts to your event..Here they are:

  3. Healthy eating is sometimes very hard for many people. The popularity of processed and junk foods is something that could not be taken away from our culture. But we could always try to minimise such. Remember that healthy eating goes a long way. It reduces the risks of acquiring different types of diseases. Thanks for sharing this post, by the way.


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