Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Egg-Cheese sandwich (add sausage for more filling meal)

This post is a quick one since it has been a bit over too busy here of late. Egg & cheese sandwich is a quick and easy way to enjoy a lovely breakfast on the go and by adding sausage (chopped) it can make for a more filling meal. It can even make a quick lunch sandwich for one of those busy days. But remember to keep it refrigerated until lunch time :) Anjalie has hers with just salt and black pepper while Naz & I like it a bit more spicy with chilli sauce. So feel free to play around with the filling. You can even add a bit of mustard if you like.

You will need:

Two slices of bread
2 boiled eggs
1/8 cup grated cheese
salt and pepper to taste
a dash of pepper/chilli sauce (for adults)
1 tsp Mayonnaise
Butter for the bread

Chop boiled eggs into small bite-size pieces and add all the ingredients and mix them up together to make the filling.

But the slices of bread and add the filling and make your sandwich. If you like you can grill them in a sandwich maker for a hot meal.

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