Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Christmas cup cakes/ fairy cakes

Christmas, although a busy time of the year, is absolutely the most wonderful time for us all to spend some quality time together. Since, Anjalie & I love our cooking-time together, we usually have a whole lot of baking to do. This year, Anjalie wanted to give her friends some cupcakes/fairy cakes at her nursery. Today was the last day at the nursery, so, we did some baking last evening and, although Anjalie did not stay at the nursery, we just dropped the cakes off and wished everyone Happy Holidays. We did have a busy day preparing for Christmas Eve dinner. But it was fun too. These cupcakes were decorated by Anjalie with some help from me and can be great fun to do with children.

You will need:
cupcakes/fairy cakes (you can use store bought mix or follow the recipe here)
You will need frosting/icing (I used Betty crocker chocolate icing. For recipe to make from scratch see here)
Royal icing/fondant/ready to roll icing - various colours like green, red, yellow, pink, white etc
coloured sugar (optional)
small pastry brush

Bake your cakes following the recipe. Allow to cool down completely.

One nice thing for me is that Anjalie loves every bit of the cake making - even the cleaning :)

Roll out the fondant/royal icing, cut out circles in various colours and cut out the shapes (like Christmas tree, holly leaves, snow flakes etc) needed to put together.

You can use cookie cutters or sugar craft kits.

Frost the cake with chocolate icing/frosting. Next add on the layer of fondant circles and using water (with a pastry brush), stick the rest of the shapes together. Here is one with holly.

Here we have made a few - Christmas trees, angels, snow flakes, holly and Santa. Anjalie needed a lot of help for Santa (naturally). But the rest she did them mostly on her own. If anything, you can simply sprinkle with coloured sugar too.

Happy Holidays!

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