Thursday, 18 April 2013

Pina-colada smoothie for children (Non-alcoholic)

The weather has now got considerably warmer and spring is in the air. With April showers starting on time we are very much looking forward to a wonderful summer, fingers crossed! Mean while, Naz commented that I was teasing him with the pineapple rasam last night and now he feels to have something cold with pineapple. Anjalie asked for a smoothie tonight and I decided to please them both with a pina-colada smoothie. This recipe below is for the whole family including children so I have skipped alcohol and sugar. But you can add it in yours if you wish. This definitely was very much appreciated tonight and was very refreshing without being overwhelming, so, would be a perfect summer drink.

You will need:
200 grams of pineapple chunks
1-2 scoops of coconut ice-cream (for home-made recipe, look here)
125-150 ml milk
ice cubes as needed
caster sugar/honey to taste (optional)
1-2 tsp dessicated coconuts (skip if your child does not like bits).

Add pineapple chunks in a blended and just blend into rough paste.

Add the rest of the ingredients and blend well.

Serve chilled and enjoy!


  1. Got excited to see the smoothie.Pineapple + coconut is double deadly for me ;)
    then got distracted with the coconut icecream recipe.. Ooff!! soooperb!! should try it!! MUST try!!

    Will definitely try your pinacolada soon!! :)cant wait to savour!!

  2. you had already commented in that ilaneer post right? saw you'd deleted the previous and entered a new one...
    I had visted the pinacolada that day itself..but got carried away that missed to comment ;)

    adding mint leaves to ice cubes is also a nice idea. will do it!! :) thinking of adding tulsi alternatively ;) biting into the chopped mint while sipping the drink was too only made it likewise... a hurried post after your mail :) should really Thank you for that jay :)otherwised i'd have lazily postponed for another 4 days..:) had mentioned your name first below the post..hope you read it..:)


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