Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Rose Milk

Rose flavored milk is one of my childhood favorites while growing up in India. Many children including your's truly will wait around for the summer just to enjoy the cold, fresh and bursting with flavor "rose milk". Even children who are fussy about drinking milk usually love rose milk. I have not yet come across anything like it any where else in the world. We have pink milk here, in the UK, and the USA which is usually strawberry flavored. With spring just around the corner (hopefully!) I wanted to try and see if Anjalie took a liking to this flavorful milk. Anjalie loves milk and milk products. So I have no reason to substitute her normal milk intake with this one. But I just wanted to introduce a variation, for once in a while, to make things interesting.  Also, I guess I was feeling nostalgic hearing, from Mum and Dad, about how "summer" has already started in Chennai. In India there are many brands of "rose milk essence" being sold, but, many of them come with preservatives and other unnecessary additives including sugar. I usually do not add sugar in drinks for Anjalie (she is only 3 and does not need it). But you may add caster sugar according to your taste if you like. Here goes the recipe for the quick, easy and refreshing drink from my childhood (minus the additives :))

You will need:
1 part cold milk
1/8-1/4 part rose water (I used 1/8 - triple strength)
1-3 drops pink food coloring
caster sugar to taste (optional)
decorations (optional)- avoid for children less 1 year old.
ice cubes according to your liking

Mix all ingredients and serve cold on a hot day. This is perfect for taking along for picnics!

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