Thursday, 4 October 2012

Sweet Poli (sweet stuffed flat bread)

Anjalie is used to eating rotis and it is easier for us and her to take them with us when we are travelling as well. No mess, no need for cutlery and no worries about spills in the bags. So I often make sweet poli (sweet stuffed flat bread) to take with us as dessert when travelling. It is similar to the paratha which is savory stuffed bread.

You will need
Channa Dal/ split yellow peas - 1 Cup
Sugar - 1 Cup
Plain/All purpose flour-2 1/2Cups
Cardamon Powder 1 Teaspoon
Butter/Ghee/oil -2 tbsp

Pressure cook/boil Channa dal/peas, strain the water and leave to dry it in a towel. Mean while, mix flour with 1 tbsp of ghee/oil and water and knead it well into a bread dough. Allow it to rest for 1 hour. Grind the dried cooked channa Dal into a fine powder in a food processor. Add sugar and cardamon powder to the ground mixture.  Heat a heavy bottomed pan, in a low-medium heat, and add the ground mixture and one table spoon of ghee/oil/butter. Mix the dal and sugar in ghee for 2 mins until sugar melts and remove from heat.  Take small balls of kneaded dough and roll it to a small circle using a rolling pin. Stuff the roti with 1 tbsp of the dal stuffing, close the edges to form a round ball. Do this until all the stuffing and dough is done. Roll out all the stuffed rotis into thin circles. Heat a griddle on medium heat and cook the rotis/polis until golden brown. You can use oil/ghee to avoid polis sticking to the griddle.

Sending this to  Nivedhanams Kid's delight event hosted by Sowmya and Valli


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  1. so authentic and so traditional... looks very tempting... Thanks for linking it to my event!! Looking for more yummy recipes!!
    Event - Authentic Indian Sweets w giveaway
    Event - Kid's delight - Sweet Treats


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