Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Bread-bonda (savory)

Bonda is a typical South Indian snack. Bonda has many varieties, stuffed, not-stuffed, sweet, savory, with and without lentils etc. It was one of my childhood after-school snacks and now comfort food. Here I give a recipe for a quick to make savory bonda that uses everyday ingredient. It takes about 20-30 mins to make including the preparation time with very little hassle. It can become an adult snack easily by adding fresh green chillies. You will need food-processor or blender for this one!

You will need
5 slices of whole-meal/white bread with crust cut off
2 tbsp of rava/coarse semolina (you can use corn meal instead although it will give slightly different texture)
black pepper
1/2 onion chopped fine
ginger paste (optional)
1/4 cup sweet peppers chopped fine, carrots grated, grated cheese or any such combo
water to mix (about 1/2 tbsp)
oil to deep fry

Blend the slices of bread coarsely in the food-processor or blender. In a mixing bowl add all the ingredients except water. Sprinkle water and mix into a loose dough. The ingredients should stay together when squeezed but not soggy. So I would suggest adding water little sprinkle at a time. Heat oil in a medium heat. When a piece of the dough is dropped into the oil, it should come up soon. Make into bite size balls and deep fry until golden brown. Serve warm with ketchup. For adult version you can add fresh chillies if you like for a little kick.

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